Network Security


1U Rackmount Firewall
1U Rackmount Firewall 6th-9th Gen
Model: Partaker S19
Network Firewalls
Firewall Hardware Devices
2U Firewall Appliance with Pentium/ I3/ I5/ I7, 6 x LAN, 2 x SFP
2u Firewall
2U Rack Network Security Server
Model: Partaker 2U6L
4 LAN Firewall (1)
mini pc with multiple ethernet ports
4 Lan Firewall Mini PC
Model: Partaker H1
Hardware Firewall Appliance 13-19 Inch Desktop D525
6 Lan 13 Inch Firewall Appliance
Model: Partaker S13
6 LAN Firewall Appliance
6 Lan Firewall Router
Model: Partaker S04
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