2U Network Appliance


2U Firewall Appliance with Pentium/ I3/ I5/ I7, 6 x LAN, 2 x SFP
2u Firewall
2U Rack Network Security Server
Model: Partaker 2U6L

2U Rack Servers: High-Performance and Reliable Server Solutions

2U Rack Servers: High-Performance and Reliable Server Solutions

 Welcome to our 2U rack servers page, where we offer high-performance, reliable 2U rack server products and professional 2U rack mount services. Whether you are building an enterprise data center, expanding network capabilities, or seeking a dependable server solution, our 2U rack servers will meet your needs.


2U Network Appliance
2U Network Appliance

Product Features:

  • High Performance: Our 2U rack servers utilize advanced processors and memory technologies, delivering exceptional computing power and processing efficiency. They can handle complex tasks and high-load applications, providing robust performance support for your business.
  • Reliability: Designed with careful consideration, our 2U rack servers incorporate high-quality components and advanced cooling systems, ensuring stable operation over extended periods. Redundant power supplies and hot-swappable hard drives offer additional fault-tolerance capabilities, safeguarding data integrity and system reliability.
  • Flexible Expansion: 2U rack servers provide ample expansion options, including multiple expansion slots and high-speed interfaces, enabling easy scalability of server storage capacity, network connectivity, and other peripheral devices based on your business requirements.
  • Optimized Space Utilization: 2U rack servers feature a compact 2U form factor, efficiently utilizing rack space. This makes them ideal choices for data centers and server rooms, allowing you to maximize limited space resources.

2U Rack Mount Services:

We provide professional 2U rack mount services, ensuring correct installation and configuration of servers during deployment. Our technical team possesses extensive experience and expertise, enabling them to accomplish rack mount installations quickly and accurately, ensuring server stability and performance.

Our rack mount services include:

2U Network Appliance
2U Network Appliance

1.Hardware Installation: We properly install the servers into the rack, connecting power, network, and other necessary external devices.

2.System Configuration: We perform operating system and application installation, configuration, and optimization according to your requirements, ensuring the servers are in optimal condition upon start-up.

3.Testing and Validation: We conduct comprehensive testing and validation to ensure all server functions are operating correctly and provide relevant test reports.

4.Post-installation Support: We offer ongoing post-installation support services to ensure server stability and performance throughout their lifespan.


If you are interested in buying a 2U rack server, you can check out our products here. We offer a wide range of 2U rack servers and 2U rack mount with different specifications and features to suit your requirements. Our 2U rack servers are designed for high performance, efficiency, and reliability. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our 2U rack servers.

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