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Wisdom Medical (WIT, Wisdommedical)

Speaking of Internet medical care, you may feel familiar with it. In fact, Internet medical care is the IoTization of the medical field. The most direct feeling is that people living in remote areas can enjoy “telemedicine” that is diagnosed by experienced doctors in big cities when they are sick.


Many people who live in big cities may feel that this matter has nothing to do with them, but in fact this matter is closely related to each of us. For example, when you have a sudden illness while traveling overseas, and the local hospital does not understand the language, you can use telemedicine to seek help from a doctor in your country. Or when unfortunately suffering from a very rare disease, you can use telemedicine to request a doctor who has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of similar diseases to help diagnose and treat.

Wisdom Medical

The application of Internet of Things technology in the medical field can help hospitals realize intelligent medical treatment of people and intelligent management of objects, so that “smart medical care” can be realized and promoted.


The Internet of Things technology can help hospitals achieve intelligent medical care for people and intelligent management for objects, and can meet the needs of medical health information, medical equipment and supplies, and intelligent management and monitoring of public health safety, thereby solving medical problems. There are problems such as weak platform support, low overall level of medical services, and hidden dangers in medical production safety.


At present, IoT technology has many uses in the medical industry, and the basic contents include:

(1) Intelligent personnel management. Realize monitoring and tracking safety system for patients, patient flow management, access control and safety; baby safety management system, medical staff management system. Strengthen the management of people entering and exiting the baby room and maternity ward, control the baby control, confirm the identity of the mother and the nursing staff, and send an alarm in time when the baby is secretly held or wrongly held, and can record and query the physical condition information of the newborn baby to confirm the mastery Newborn babies are safe.

(2) Intelligent medical process. Relying on the Internet of Things technology communication and application platform, it realizes real-time payment, online diagnosis, online pathological slice analysis, interoperability of equipment, etc., as well as intelligent services such as registration, diagnosis and treatment, inspection, hospitalization, surgery, nursing, discharge, and settlement.

(3) Intelligent supply chain management. The supply chain management system of medical related products such as medicines, consumables, equipment and equipment in the supply, sorting, distribution and other links. Relying on the Internet of Things technology, the management of hospital assets, blood, hospital disinfection items, etc. is realized. The product logistics process involves a lot of different information of enterprises. Enterprises need to know the specific location of goods and other information, so as to make timely responses. In the production of pharmaceuticals, the Internet of Things technology is used to implement all-round inspections of the production process, market flow, and patient medication. Relying on the Internet of Things technology, the intelligent management of drugs can be realized

Wisdom Medical
Wisdom Medical

(4) Intelligent medical waste management. Traceability means that users can collect data, refine data, obtain management functions through the interface, and conduct analysis, statistics, and reports to make management decisions. This also provides a platform for enterprises to input, import, and upload data.

(5) Smart health management. Carry out family safety monitoring and obtain comprehensive medical information of patients in real time. In telemedicine and self-service medical care, information is collected in a timely manner and highly shared, which can alleviate the dilemma of resource shortage and uneven resource distribution, and reduce public medical costs.

In the future, when smart elements are integrated into the entire industry through the Internet of Things, the medical system will begin to evolve at an unprecedented speed. This trend will also have a major impact on everyone’s health and life.

Partaker Offers Lowest Power Consumption and Secure Mini PCs. The applications of the products include: medical testing equipment, smart display boards, self-service terminals, smart medicine cabinets, monitoring systems, etc.

How Mini PC Products Can Enhance Your Smart Medical Solutions

Smart medical solutions are the future of healthcare, as they can improve the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of medical services. Whether it is for diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, or prevention, smart medical solutions can leverage the power of technology to enhance the health and well-being of patients and providers. One of the key components of smart medical solutions is the mini PC, a small but powerful device that can run various applications and programs for medical purposes. In this article, we will introduce you to our mini PC products and how they can benefit your smart medical solutions.

Smart Medical Solutions
Smart Medical Solutions

Our mini PC products are designed to meet the needs of different medical scenarios and environments. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to install and use. They have high-performance processors, large memory and storage capacities, and multiple ports and interfaces for connectivity. They also support Windows 10 Pro operating system, which is compatible with most medical software and applications. Here are some of the features and advantages of our mini PC products:

For telemedicine and remote consultation

Our mini PC products can provide smooth video conferencing and data transmission. They can connect to various devices such as cameras, microphones, speakers, monitors, keyboards, and mice. They can also support dual displays for better multitasking and collaboration.

For medical imaging and analysis

Our mini PC products can handle complex calculations and graphics processing. They can support 4K resolution and HDR technology for high-quality images and videos. They can also connect to various medical equipment such as ultrasound machines, X-ray machines, MRI machines, etc.

Hospital management and administration

Our mini PC products can help streamline workflows and improve efficiency. They can run various software and applications for electronic medical records, billing, inventory, scheduling, etc. They can also support cloud computing and data security for better data management and protection.

Smart home care and health monitoring

Our mini PC products can provide personalized and convenient services. They can connect to various smart devices such as wearable sensors, smart watches, smart scales, etc. They can also support voice control and artificial intelligence for better interaction and assistance.

Our mini PC products are the best choice for your smart medical solutions. They are affordable, reliable, durable, and versatile. They can help you achieve better outcomes, lower costs, higher satisfaction, and greater innovation in healthcare. If you are interested in our mini PC products or want to learn more about them, please visit our website here or contact us here.

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