DIN-Rail industrial PCs


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Din Rail Mount PC: Compact and Powerful Solution for Industrial Control

Din rail mount pc is a kind of embedded computer designed for industrial control, which can be easily installed on standard DIN rails, saving space and cost.  Din rail pc has the features of high performance, low power consumption, stability, reliability, and anti-interference, suitable for various harsh industrial environments. 


Our company offers a variety of models and configurations of din rail mount pc, meeting different customers’ needs and budgets. Our din rail mount pc supports Windows and Linux operating systems, supports multiple communication interfaces and expansion slots, supports remote management and monitoring, supports industrial protocols and standards. 

DIN-Rail industrial PCs
DIN-Rail industrial PCs

Some of the advantages of using our din rail pc are:

•  Easy installation and maintenance: You can simply snap the din rail pc onto the DIN rail without any tools or screws, and remove it with a lever. You can also access the internal components easily by opening the front panel.

•  Flexible customization and scalability: You can choose from different CPU options, memory sizes, storage capacities, and I/O ports according to your application requirements. You can also add more functions or devices by using the expansion slots or modules.

•  Wide operating temperature and voltage range: Our din rail pc can work in temperatures from -20°C to 70°C, and withstand voltage fluctuations from 9V to 36V, ensuring stable operation in harsh conditions.

•  High protection level and durability: Our din rail pc has a fanless design and a rugged metal enclosure, which can prevent dust, moisture, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference. Our din rail mount pc has a long service life and low failure rate.

•  Rich software support and compatibility: Our din rail mount pc comes with pre-installed Windows or Linux operating system, which can run various software applications smoothly. Our din rail mount pc also supports many industrial protocols and standards, such as Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, etc., which can communicate with other devices or systems easily.

DIN-Rail industrial PCs
DIN-Rail industrial PCs

Our din rail mount pc has passed strict quality testing and certification, ensuring the performance and safety of the products. Whether you are engaged in automation, IoT, smart manufacturing, energy management, etc., we can provide you with suitable din rail mount pc solutions, helping you improve efficiency and reduce risk. If you want to know more about our din rail mount pc and din rail pc, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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