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mini pc dual lan
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Embedded Fanless PC
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12th Gen Fanless Mini PC
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Model: Partaker B11
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Fanless Mini PC 10th Gen Core I5 I3 Processor
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Fanless Mini PC 4th Gen Intel Core I5 i3
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Inctel Technology : Revolutionary in the Future of Fanless Mini PCs

Revolutionizing the world of compact computing experience with since 2012, Inctel Technology Co,.Ltd has designed the high quality, performance efficient and coolest, fanless mini pc that offer users with a plethora of benefits. Equipped with versatility, reliability, and space optimization capabilities, the fanless mini computer has found its way into the market owing to its increased demand.

Fanless Mini PCs
Fanless Mini PCs

Capabilities of the fanless mini PC

Designed by a qualified and experienced research team under fully equipped

Research and development facility Inctel produces one of the most sought-after fanless mini PCs with capabilities such as:


  • Silent powerhouses: The fanless mini PC, fanless mini computer, or fanless desktop pc all don’t use the traditional fan for cooling purposes. They are designed with modern cooling technology, such as thermal conduction, that dissipates heat internally. As such, they are very calm and silent when in operation.
  • Low power consumption: The fanless mini PC is energy efficient and consumes less energy compared to fan-powered computers.
  • High performance efficiency: Another distinguishing capability of the fanless mini PC or desktop is that they are made for high processing performance, meant to fit them into various high-demand processing applications.
  • Space economy: Made with compact and sleek designs, the fanless mini computer is small and occupies little space.
  • Range of applications: The fanless mini PC or the fanless desktop pc are designed for various industrial and household applications.


Fanless Mini PCs
Fanless Mini PCs

Applications of the fanless mini PC

The fanless mini PC, which is smaller and more energy efficient, is generally used in home entertainment centers, digital signage, and industrial automation. On the other hand, the fanless mini computer and fanless desktop pc can be used in scenarios with more specialized computing scenarios, such as network security appliances and IoT (Internet of Things) industrial applications.


The fanless mini PC is capable of robust and versatile performance and can be the solution for users seeking a reliable, energy-efficient, and noise-free computing experience to deliver on daily computing tasks such as web browsing, document editing, multimedia consumption, and light gaming. With a compact, fanless design not only ensures the devices are silent and energy efficient, but also that they are capable of being used in rugged and harsh environments without compromising their performance.


Fanless Mini PCs
Fanless Mini PCs

Final Decision

With additional customization options and impeccable quality standards, Inctel Technology LTD. disrupts the computing world with these smaller, more energy-efficient, and noiseless computing devices. For affordable, fully customizable, and best-in-class fanless mini PC, fanless mini computer, or fanless desktop pc in bulk and wholesale supplies, connect with us today.

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