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Making Your Solution as You Want it

Customized services, in addition to standard products, we also provide customers with professional industrial computer customization services (ODM). We can quickly meet the specific needs of customers by modifying the packaging, appearance, operating system, BIOS and other components of existing products. Colleagues, we also re-develop and produce the computers and related accessories that customers need according to the specific application requirements of customers.

Custom process

Custom process

1. Customer needs

2. Product Proposal

3. Feasibility analysis

4. R&D implementation

5. Prototype and trial production

6. Mass production delivery

  • Custom size

Support diversified customization of product size, color, LOGO, material and appearance structure

  • Screen Brightness Customization

Support screen control methods (non-touch/capacitive touch/resistive touch screens, etc.), and customization of different screens such as high-resolution screens/high-brightness screens/explosion-proof screens/full viewing angle screens/anti-glare screens/wide temperature screens/peep-proof screens

  • Interface customization

It can customize various interfaces such as multiple COM ports, multiple USB ports, multiple network ports, GPIO, Phoenix terminal, screw interface, aviation interface, wide pressure interface, BNC interface, POE interface, etc.

OEM customized service

Motherboard customization
Interface customization
Appearance customization
Bracket customization
touch screen customization
Logo customization
System customization
Power customization
Use scene customization

Partaker Customization Services

  • Customized Boards

The motherboard can be customized according to the customer’s needs, required size, performance, whether there is a fan, CPU, etc.

  • Embedded Computers

Partaker offers a wide range of fanless embedded computers of all size and features.

  • Panel PCs and Displays

    Industrial grade Panel PCs and Displays offered by Partaker can also be customized or built from the ground up offering waterproof, scratchproof and rugged panels of different sizes and features.

  • Network Security

We can customize the soft routing according to customer requirements; size, CPU, interface, appearance, PVC, LOGO, etc., can all be customized.

  • Digital Signage

Partaker’s small and sleek digital signage platforms can be customized according to video storage and display requirements.

  • Rugged Systems

Partaker- well known for its rugged fanless computers, panel PCs and firewalls – provides many OEMs with customized systems that require advanced features and high reliability.

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