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Motherboard for 10th Gen CPUs
10th Gen Intel Motherboard
Model: ITX-B100_I516L
N5095 Motherboard
Fanless ITX motherboard
Model: ITX-B347_J112L
Mini ITX motherboard
J3455 ITX motherboard
Industrial Motherboard J3455
Model: ITX-B345_J112L
HM76 motherboard
Intel HM76 Motherboard
Model: ITX-B330_I516L
Affordable ITX motherboard
J3455 motherboard with HDMI
Model: ITX-B346_J116L
J6412 Motherboard
J6412 Mini Mainboard
Model: ITX-B641_J126L
LGA1151 Micro ATX Motherboard
LGA1151 Ultra Thin Itx Mainboard
Model: ITX-B310C_2L
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Compact and Powerful: Thin Mini ITX and Thin ITX Motherboards

Welcome to our Thin Mini ITX and Thin ITX motherboard page, where we are committed to providing high-performance, low-power solutions for education, automation, advertising displays, digital signage, multimedia, and touchscreen all-in-one applications. As a leading industry supplier, we take pride in offering products that excel not only in performance but are also widely adaptable to various fields’ requirements.

Thin ITX Motherboard
Thin ITX Motherboard

What are the advantages of Thin Mini ITX and Thin ITX Motherboards?

  • Low power consumption: thin mini itx motherboard and thin itx motherboard adopt efficient power management solutions, which can reduce power consumption and heat generation while meeting performance requirements, and extend the service life and stability of the device.


  • Compact Design: Our Thin Mini ITX and Thin ITX motherboards feature a compact design, making them ideal for space-constrained scenarios, such as touchscreen all-in-one solutions and embedded automation projects. Their small form factor not only saves space but also enhances overall system cooling efficiency.


  • High performance: thin mini itx motherboard and thin itx motherboard support various processor and memory configurations, which can meet different performance requirements and budgets. They also support high-speed data transfer interfaces, such as SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, M.2, PCIe, etc., to improve the operating efficiency and scalability of the device.


  • Wider application fields: thin mini itx motherboard and thin itx motherboard are only about half the size of standard mini itx motherboards, which can adapt to smaller chassis and space. They also support various display output interfaces, such as HDMI, DP, VGA, LVDS, etc., which can connect various display devices and touch screens. They also support wireless network and audio functions, which can realize more interactive and entertainment functions.


  • Reliable Stability: Rigorously tested for quality, our motherboards ensure stability and reliability. Their ability to run smoothly for extended periods is a standout feature, providing enduring support for your solutions.


Thin ITX Motherboard
Thin ITX Motherboard

In the education sector, our Thin Mini ITX and Thin ITX motherboards can be used to build cutting-edge teaching facilities, supporting teacher-student interactions and multimedia course presentations. For the automation industry, our motherboards offer robust computing power and multiple connection options, making automation systems smarter and more efficient. In advertising displays and digital signage, our motherboards enable high-definition video playback and remote content updates, ensuring timely and captivating advertising content. For multimedia and touchscreen all-in-one solutions, our motherboards can create interactive multimedia display devices, delivering a seamless touchscreen experience.


No matter your application field, we have suitable Thin Mini ITX motherboard and Thin ITX motherboard solutions, offering high performance, low power consumption, and stable reliability for your projects. Contact us to learn more about our products and let us help you find the best solution that suits your needs.

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