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Mini PC With Intel 12th Gen Processors
Intel 12th Gen I9 I7 I5 Mini PC
Model: Partaker B14
NVIDIA GeForce GTX / Mini Computers / Desktop Computers
4 LAN Firewall Micro Appliance Mini pc
Micro Firewall Appliance
Model: Partaker H7-B
This compact pc has 4x In-tel 2.5Gigabit LAN ports and was pre-installed with pf-sense
Industrial, Fanless and Rugged Mini PCs featuring dual LAN ports
X86 Fanless Mini PC J4125 N4000 J4105 Quad Core 2*i226-V 2.5G Nics Industrial Pfsense Soft Router Firewall Computer NVMe HDMI
Mini Computer 4 Core 4 LAN Ports Intel J1900 Router Firewall Mini PC
Firewall Mini PC Pentium N6005 N5105 4*Intel i226-V 2.5G Lans 2*DDR4 2*M.2 NVMe AES-NI Home Router PC Network Security Appliance
6 LAN Fanless Mini PC Firewall Appliance Intel Core i7
Micro Firewall Appliance 6 LAN
Model: Partaker H9
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