New B660 Intel Core 12th Generation Soft Router Now Available for Sale

Partaker has introduced a new 12th generation firewall, featuring CPUs such as the I3 12100, i5 12400, i7 12700, and i9 12900, along with support for 2-port and 4-port configurations, as well as Gigabit and 10 Gigabit SFP cards. This comprehensive offering marks the beginning of a new era for 2.5G networks.


1u firewall appliance


The 1U firewall appliance is suitable for a wide range of applications, including software routers, security gateways, IDS/IPS systems, traditional firewalls, internet behavior management, traffic control devices, load balancers, AC controllers, bastion hosts, and auditing systems.


1U hardware firewall


Its rack-mounted design and full aluminum alloy panel contribute to its robustness and durability. Furthermore, customers have the added benefit of free laser-engraved logo customization, allowing for a personalized touch.


In summary, the 1U firewall appliance from Partaker, part of their 12th generation series, brings forth the advent of the 2.5G network era. Its versatility and suitability for various applications make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking efficient and customizable network security solutions.


1U network security device


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