How to Enable Auto Power-On Function on Partaker Mini PC?

Partaker Mini PC can be placed upright using a desktop stand or mounted on the back of a monitor using the VESA mount provided. When the computer is fixed to the back of the monitor, it can be inconvenient to manually press the On/Off Switch button each time. Therefore, it would be more convenient if the Partaker Mini PC could automatically start when connected to power.


Let’s take a look at the BIOS settings for reference (different models of Partaker Mini PC may have different BIOS interfaces):


Step 1: Press the Power button on the mini PC and then hold the “Esc” key on the keyboard until you enter the BIOS. Alternatively, after powering on, press “F11” and select “Enter Setup” to enter the BIOS interface, as shown in the image:


partaker mini pc



Step 2:Select “Chipset” and press “Enter” to enter “PCH-IO Configuration”.


fanless mini pc



Step 3: Select “Restore AC Power Loss” and set it to “Power on”.


mini pc windows 11



Step 4:  Press “F10” to select “Yes” to save the settings and restart the machine. You can now test the “Auto-Power-On” function.


mini computer


“If Auto Power-On Function Cannot Be Set in BIOS, Use Jumper Settings (Specific Steps)”


If certain models do not have the option to enable the auto power-on function in the BIOS, you can use jumper settings to achieve this. Follow the steps below:


1. Shut down the Partaker Mini PC and disconnect the power adapter.

2. Open the mini PC case carefully to access the motherboard.

3. You should have a 2mm jumper or you can locate the jumper on the motherboard of the Partaker Fanless Industrial Mini Desktop Computer.


4.  On the motherboard, there are three pins labeled as POWON1. By placing the jumper cap on the right two pins, you can enable the power-on by incoming power function.

auto power on


5. Close the mini PC case and reconnect the power adapter.

6. Power on the Partaker Mini PC, and it should now automatically start when connected to power.


As a manufacturer of Partaker Small Desktop PCs, we strive to meet our customers’ demands and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market by continuously improving our technology, services, and pricing. We make every effort to satisfy our customers’ requirements and stay in line with the trends and demands of the industry.

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