How will fanless mini pc benefit you?

Fanless computers have only been mastered by domestic manufacturers in recent years. In the early years, only a few manufacturers in foreign countries and Taiwan were able to develop and produce fanless computers. The price of common configurations is as high as US$450, mainly for users who require high quality. High stability, long time running, zero noise, no dust. A fanless computer does not use a fan to keep it cool. That said, if your fanless mini computer overheats, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. 


1 silent operation

Removing fans from industrial embedded PCs greatly increases the reliability and durability of such solutions. This is because failed and failing fans are the leading cause of computer failure. Thus, by eliminating them entirely from industrial computing solutions, systems have become more durable and reliable.


Additionally, fanless embedded PCs are more reliable and responsive than regular desktop PCs because they feature solid-state drives, which can transfer data faster than hard drives, and since there are no spinning platters that can fail, The reliability of the system is thus increased.


There are some places that require quiet operation, such as operating rooms, libraries, laboratories and other environments that require quiet operation.


2 Reliability


Fanless computers have a long lifespan, run fast, and are highly reliable.


In addition, since fans are often a point of failure in many PCs, computer systems use solid-state drives by eliminating fans from the system altogether. This reduces moving parts and improves reliability, as SSDs have proven to be more reliable than HDDs. According to analysis, hard drives often fail within 300,000 hours of use, while solid-state drives tend to fail after 1.5 million hours of use, making them a perfect replacement for hard drives. Additionally, the price of SSDs has dropped significantly, making them an inexpensive option that adds to the reliability of your system.


3 Shock and vibration standards


A third benefit of industrial-grade fanless computers is that they can withstand greater vibration and shock than regular PCs, by designing and manufacturing a rugged motherboard that can withstand shock and vibration that consumer motherboards cannot, making it Industrial fanless PCs are resistant to shock and vibration.


4 Small size


Small in size and light in weight, it can be embedded in different application machines. There are various installation methods, such as rail-mounted, wall-mounted, and desktop-mounted.


5 Flexible Remote and Mobile Deployment


Since fanless computers require less power than consumer computers, this makes them an excellent choice for remote and mobile deployments. Rugged edge computing solutions address the need for low-power embedded processors closer to data and IoT sensors. We developed fanless computers for unstable environments where industrial-grade performance is still required.

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