Configuring Power Loss Settings in Mini Computer B13 BIOS

To configure power loss settings in the BIOS of your Mini Computer B13, follow these simple steps:

1. Power on your computer and repeatedly press the Delete key during boot-up to enter the BIOS.

2. Navigate to the “Advance” tab in the BIOS menu.

3. Locate the power loss setting, which is often labeled as “Power Loss Recovery” or a similar name.

4. Choose your desired setting. For instance, you can set the computer to automatically power on after a power loss or keep it off.

5. Save the changes by selecting the “Save & Exit” option.

Configuring Power

Configuring Power

Configuring Power

Configuring Power


Remember to be cautious when making BIOS changes and always ensure you have a backup of important data. With the correct settings, your Mini Computer B13 will operate more reliably and efficiently.

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