Smart Network Security Solution

Cyber Security


Intrusion Prevention/Isolation Gatekeeper/Smart Gateway/Internet Behavior Management


Firewall, intrusion prevention, web security, flow control, Internet of Vehicles, electric power Internet of Things, industrial Internet, bandwidth flow management, information sending and receiving audit, user behavior analysis, etc.



Network Protection: Intelligent Network Security Solutions

Network security solutions are not virus protection in a narrow sense, but the prevention and killing of viruses. Network shielding, establishing an external network access mechanism.


Smart Network Security Solution




Detect emails, MSN, QQ or other instant messaging tools within the enterprise, and discover viruses for active defense.

Intrusion prevention function and active defense function.

Proactively protect against data theft.

Guarantee the smooth flow of normal network channels of enterprises.




Create a cloud desktop


The cloud desktop uses the unified host management for employees. Delineate the operation authority according to the level, and stipulate whether the data can be copied and taken away. Virus killing and prevention, changed from free-range breeding to centralized management, unified prevention, unified antivirus, and unified upgrade. Centralized management of hosts to avoid computer crashes caused by personal misuse.


Cloud desktop is composed of cloud platform host and cloud terminal. With the existence of cloud platform hosts, users do not need to provide their own computer hosts, but everyone shares the host. The cloud terminal consists of two parts: software and hardware. The hardware is similar to the size of a fixed-line phone, and the mouse and keyboard are connected to it. The software is a unified login system, and you can log in to the cloud platform by entering your account number and password.


It is also part of sohomo, smart office, home office, mobile office smart office, home office, and mobile office.


Form an office network


The security gateway uses hardware equipment and corresponding software to eliminate and prevent network viruses. Automatic filtering of malicious websites, prevention of Dos attacks and IPS intrusions, detection and prevention of worms and emails, protection of virtual networks, and powerful firewall functions.

Computer access to the Internet is forcibly isolated through a security gateway. The principle is to use the security gateway to access the external network, the router is connected to the security gateway, and the computer accesses the Internet through the router. The intercommunication between the internal computer resources of the enterprise and the Internet is separated by a security gateway.


Analysis of network security problems and needs faced by small and medium-sized enterprises:


Today’s small and medium-sized enterprises, like large enterprises, widely use Internet information technology in the company to improve the efficiency of enterprise operations. However, the improvement of enterprise information equipment not only improves the competitiveness of enterprises, but also increases the security risks for enterprises. The risks and hidden dangers faced by large enterprises The same applies to small and medium-sized enterprises.


There have been endless reports on the network security of small and medium-sized enterprises in major news media channels, and the losses caused to small and medium-sized enterprises are immeasurable. Due to issues involving corporate image, the incidents exposed are just the tip of the iceberg. Cybersecurity incidents targeting SMBs are largely unknown. Due to the unique openness of computer network, the problem of network security is becoming more and more serious.


The security problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises mainly include the following aspects:


  1. External network security


Hacker attacks, virus propagation, worm attacks, flooding of spam, and leakage of sensitive information have become the most widely affecting security threats.


  1. Internal network security


The latest survey shows that more than 60% of employees in the surveyed companies use the Internet to handle private affairs. Improper use of the network reduces productivity, hinders computer networks, consumes corporate network resources, introduces viruses and spies, or allows unscrupulous employees to leak corporate secrets through the network.


  1. Connection security between intranets and internal and external networks


With the development and growth of the enterprise, a new interactive operation mode such as the corporate headquarters, local branches, and mobile office workers has gradually formed. How to deal with the information security of the headquarters, branches, and mobile office personnel, not only to ensure the timely sharing of information, but also to prevent the leakage of confidential information has become a problem that has to be considered in the process of enterprise growth. The security of network connections between local institutions and headquarters directly affects the efficient operation of enterprises.


Analysis of needs for network security management of small and medium-sized enterprises:


Due to the limitation of manpower and capital, the current small and medium-sized enterprises need not only simple installation of network security products, but more importantly, an integrated solution for complex network applications.


Its focus is on: products from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers; ability to handle emergencies; real-time monitoring and easy management; security policy configuration customization; users can easily improve their own security system. To sum up, the following points should be fully guaranteed:


  1. Network availability


The network is the carrier of the business system, preventing network attacks from destroying the availability of the network.


  1. Availability of the business system


The safe operation of SME mainframes, databases, and application server systems is also critical. The network security system must ensure that these systems will not suffer from illegal access, malicious intrusion, and damage from the network.


  1. Data confidentiality


For SME networks, the leakage of confidential data will directly bring about the loss of business interests of the enterprise. The network security system shall ensure the confidentiality of confidential information during storage and transmission.


  1. Controllability of access


Access to critical networks, systems, and data must be effectively controlled, which requires a system that can reliably confirm the identity of visitors, carefully authorize, and track and record any access.

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