Application of industrial motherboards in the medical industry

Wisdom Medical English abbreviation WITMED is a recently emerging proprietary medical term. By building a regional medical information platform for health records and using the most advanced Internet of Things technology, the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, and medical equipment is gradually achieve informatization.


Smart healthcare consists of three parts: smart hospital system, regional health system, and family health system.


Application of industrial motherboards in the medical industry


  1. The smart hospital system consists of two parts: digital hospital and promotion application.

Digital hospital includes hospital information system (Hospital Information System, HIS), laboratory information management system (Laboratory Information Management System, LIS), medical imaging information storage and transmission system (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, PACS) and doctor workstation four parts. Realize the collection, storage, processing, extraction and data exchange of patient diagnosis and treatment information and administrative management information.


The core work of the doctor’s workstation is to collect, store, transmit, process and utilize the patient’s health status and medical information. The doctor workstation includes the work platform for the whole medical process of outpatient and inpatient diagnosis and treatment, examination, diagnosis, treatment, prescription and medical doctor’s order, course record, consultation, transfer, operation, discharge, and medical record generation.


Improvement applications include the application of technologies such as remote image transmission and massive data computing processing in the construction process of digital hospitals to improve the level of medical services. for example:

Remote visits to avoid direct contact between visitors and patients, prevent the spread of the disease, and shorten the recovery process;

Remote consultation, support the sharing of superior medical resources and cross-regional optimal allocation;


Automatic alarm, monitor the patient’s vital signs data, and reduce the cost of intensive care;


Clinical decision-making system, which assists doctors in analyzing detailed medical records and provides a basis for formulating accurate and effective treatment plans;

Smart prescriptions, analyze patient allergies and medication history, reflect information such as drug origin batches, effectively record and analyze information such as prescription changes, and provide reference for chronic disease treatment and health care.


  1. The regional health system consists of two parts: the regional health platform and the public health system.


Regional health platforms include regional health information platforms that collect, process, and transmit all information recorded by communities, hospitals, medical research institutions, and health regulatory agencies; including those designed to use cutting-edge science and computer technology to help medical units and other related organizations carry out disease management Evaluation of risk, development of individual-based risk factor intervention plans, reduction of medical expenses, and development of electronic health records (Electronic Health Record, EHR) to prevent and control the occurrence and development of diseases. for example:

Community medical service system, providing basic treatment for general diseases, community care for chronic diseases, referral for serious diseases, and services for receiving and resuming referrals;


The management system of scientific research institutions comprehensively manages the pathological research, drug and equipment development, clinical trials and other information of medical and health institutions such as medical schools, drug research institutes, and traditional Chinese medicine research institutes.


The public health system consists of a health supervision and management system and an epidemic release control system.


  1. Home Health System.

The family health system is the health protection closest to the citizens, including video medical treatment for patients with limited mobility who cannot be sent to the hospital for treatment, remote care for chronic diseases and elderly and young patients, and health care for special groups such as mentally handicapped, disabled, and infectious diseases. Monitoring also includes an intelligent medication system that automatically prompts medication time, contraindications, and remaining dosage.

From a technical point of view, the conceptual framework of smart healthcare (see the architecture diagram of smart healthcare solutions) includes five aspects: basic environment, basic database group, software basic platform and data exchange platform, comprehensive application and its service system, and guarantee system.


Basic environment: Through the construction of a public health private network, the interconnection with the government information network is realized; the construction of a health data center provides security for basic health data and various application systems.

Basic database: including drug catalog database, resident health record database, PACS imaging database, LIS inspection database, medical personnel database, medical equipment and other six basic databases in the health field.


Software basic platform and data exchange platform: provide three levels of services:


The first is infrastructure services, providing virtual optimized servers, storage servers and network resources;


The second is platform services, providing optimized middleware, including application servers, database servers, portal servers, etc.;


Finally, software services, including applications, processes and information services.

Comprehensive application and its service system: including three types of comprehensive applications: smart hospital system, regional health platform and family health system.


Guarantee system: including three aspects: safety guarantee system, standard specification system and management guarantee system. Build a security prevention system from three aspects: technical security, operational security and management security, to truly protect the availability, confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, auditability and controllability of the basic platform and various application systems.

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