Revolutionizing Industrial Automation with Inctel Technology’s Industrial Panel PC

In the era of Industry 4.0, the role of Industrial Panel PCs has become increasingly pivotal in driving automation across various sectors. Inctel Technology, a pioneering force in the field, is dedicated to the research, development, and production of cutting-edge products such as embedded industrial computers and industrial touch panel PCs. With a comprehensive range of sizes, exceptional build quality, and unwavering post-sales support, Inctel stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of industrial automation.


The Heart of Industrial Automation: Industrial Panel PC

Inctel Technology’s Industrial Panel PCs serve as the beating heart of automation in a wide array of industries. Their versatility and advanced features make them indispensable tools for achieving increased efficiency and productivity. Let’s dive into the key features and applications that make Inctel’s Industrial Panel PC a game-changer.

Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PC

Key Features for Peak Performance

 The Ultimate in Design and Performance: Inctel’s Industrial Panel PCs are engineered to excel in demanding industrial environments. They boast a comprehensive range of features that set them apart:

Size Options: Inctel’s panel PCs are available in sizes ranging from a compact 8 inches to a spacious 21.5 inches, catering to diverse industrial automation needs.

Silent Operation: Designed with an ultra-thin, fanless construction, they ensure silent and efficient operation. This design choice reduces the risk of dust and debris affecting the internal components, making them perfect for harsh industrial settings.

Touchscreen Technology: These industrial computers offer flexibility with both resistive and capacitive touchscreen options, enabling seamless interaction with the user interface. This feature is crucial for applications requiring precise input and control.


Industrial Panel PC


The Power Within,Unleash the Potential with Intel Processors:

Inctel’s Industrial Panel PCs can be equipped with high-performance Intel Core processors such as i3, i5, and i7. These processors deliver the processing power required for advanced industrial applications, enabling real-time data processing and control.


Durability and Stability,built to Last:

Inctel Technology ensures the durability of its products by using aluminum alloy front panels, sturdy metal bodies, and a full aluminum alloy heat dissipation structure. This design choice provides not only a robust exterior but also excellent heat dissipation and resistance to rust, ensuring longevity even in challenging environments.


Applications Across Industries, where Innovation Meets Application:

Inctel’s Industrial Panel PCs find their application in various industries, including:

Smart Logistics: Enhancing efficiency and precision in warehouse management.

Warehousing: Optimizing inventory control and order tracking.

Factory Automation: Enabling real-time monitoring and control in manufacturing facilities.

Equipment Intelligence: Facilitating data-driven decisions for maintenance, uptime, and efficiency in industrial equipment settings.


The Perfect Fit for Every Need, customization and Versatility:

Inctel Technology’s commitment to customization knows no bounds. Their Industrial Panel PCs support various installation methods, including embedded, snap-on, wall-mounted, and industrial-grade foldable stands. Moreover, they offer flexibility with operating systems, such as Windows and Linux.

For those with unique requirements, Inctel provides a wide range of customization options:

Screen, CPU, Memory, and Storage Customization: Tailor these components to match your specific application’s demands.

Motherboard and Touchscreen Customization: Customize the internal hardware to suit your unique requirements.

Logo, Size, and Structure Customization: Personalize the aesthetics of the panel PC to represent your brand identity.

Color and Material Customization: Align the panel PC with your facility’s visual theme.


In summary, Inctel Technology‘s Industrial Panel PC offerings provide a comprehensive solution to the ever-growing demands of industrial automation. Their commitment to versatility, performance, and customization makes them an invaluable asset across various industries, driving efficiency, precision, and innovation. When it comes to Industrial Panel PCs, Inctel Technology is the name to trust for a brighter and smarter industrial future.

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