Reinstall Windows 11/10 with a USB Drive: A Guide to Creating and Using Installation Media

To reinstall Windows 11 using the installation media, follow these steps:


1. Plug the installation media (USB flash drive) into your computer.
2. Turn on the computer and choose the USB flash drive as the boot option.
3. Press Del or ESC repeatedly to access the Boot setup menu. 


Choose UEFI,Then press down [Enter]


Select the language, time and currency format, and keyboard or input method that you want, and then click [Next] to start Windows Setup.



To activate Windows, you need a product key that you can buy from the Microsoft official website or get from your supplier.

If you want to test Windows, please choose [I don’t have a product key]. Windows 11 will be activated online automatically after you finish the installation.



Choose the system version that meets your needs. For example, you can choose Windows 10 Pro.



Create new partitions on the SSD after deleting any existing ones. To do this, choose the SSD and remove all the partitions on it. Then, make new partitions on the SSD.



Wait until the file transfer is complete. Then, unplug the USB flash drive and click [Restart now] to begin the Windows Setup Wizard.



The system will automatically start the Windows settings wizard. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup. (Tip: Disconnect the network connection before you begin the Windows settings wizard.)


Now you have successfully entered the Windows desktop. Next, you only need to enter the device Manager to check which drivers have not been installed, find and install drivers by yourself or contact us.



The system typically activates automatically upon connecting to the network. In the event of activation failure, you have the option to acquire the relevant system key either from the official Microsoft website or contact us.


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