Mini PC no display when turn on, what should we do?

partaker fanless mini pc


1.Mini PC light on, no display

Look at the keyboard first, the keyboard light is on or not? If keyboard light is on, it is the HDMI or VGA cable problem or monitor problem.


2. The keyboard light is not on

Firstly exclude the memory problem, open the case, Replug the memory or change another memory for test. if not work after did that, the hardware may be broken.


3.The machine lights and keyboard lights both not on

If the NUM on the keyboard does not respond, it means that the MINI PC is not started at all. Check whether the memory is in poor contact or the motherboard is broken. Check the power supply, take out the battery on motherboard 1-2 mins, then put it back for reset, work or not? if not, need send back for fix or change.


If you buy with barebone system, no memory no storage no system, then you need install the RAM/SSD/System firstly. Pay attention to memory and hard disk compatibility issues, thank you.

Please see the link above FYI.

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